Direct beach

Tropical forest areas


Bird hide &
picnic spots

Private river &
Lagoon access


& dog park

Walking, running &
cycling trails

Sustainable Living With No Sacrifice in Luxury and Style

Innovative, elegant and ultra-luxurious

At Bahari Bay, wake to birdsong and ocean waves. Our modern eco-lux homes embrace nature’s tranquility. Spacious rooms, open layouts, and extras like private pools make it ideal for family living.

at its finest

Our spacious, standalone properties feature top-notch architecture and eco-friendly design, ensuring comfort without compromising sustainability.

Enjoy a luxurious coastal lifestyle that respects the environment.

Properties start at R2.8 million.

Innovative, Elegant and Ultra-Luxurious

Wake to the sound of birdsong and gentle ocean waves crashing against the shore. Take in the cool, crisp air of Kzn’s first-light, clean still and unsullied by the rigors of city life. Experience gorgeous vistas with breathtaking natural views..

Welcome to Bahari Bay. Our contemporary, eco-lux homes are designed with the tranquility of nature in mind, providing the ideal space in which to raise a family. Roomy bedrooms, open-plan interiors and extras including entertainment areas and private pools complete your purchase.

Eco Living at its Finest

Each of our spacious, freestanding properties boasts first-rate architecture and cutting-edge design, embracing green principles and self-sustainability without sacrifice in comfort or convenience.

Revel in a luxurious coastal lifestyle that reduces your carbon footprint and honors your commitment to the environment.

Properties available from R2.6 million.

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